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Fire and Graffiti at IDF North York Grocery Store Under Investigation


Emergency services in Toronto are looking into a fire at the IDF North York Grocery Store early Wednesday morning around 6 a.m. at a Jewish-owned grocery store. The International Delicatessen Foods, located near York University, was also tagged with “Free Palestine” graffiti.

Toronto Fire Services swiftly responded to the morning call on Jan. 3, successfully putting out the fire with no reported injuries.

Captain Dan Viera from Toronto Fire Services shared that investigators from the Ontario Fire Marshall, fire department, and Toronto Police Service are on-site, working to determine the fire’s cause, origin, and circumstances. The investigation has no set timeline and will take as long as needed.

It’s unclear if the “Free Palestine” graffiti coincided with the fire. Jewish businesses have faced protests and violence since Israel’s response to the October 7th terrorist attack.

Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak expressed shock and appall at the incident, labeling it a “hate-motivated attack.” He connected it to anti-Israel sentiments displayed on the deli’s walls.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs echoed these sentiments, denouncing the violence against another Jewish-owned business. They emphasized the acronym “IDF” in International Delicatessen Food, drawing attention to its resemblance to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Federal politicians, including Tory MP Melissa Lantsman, questioned when such incidents would end. Pro-Palestine activists have been active in Toronto, targeting Jewish-owned businesses.

Adam Ainsworth