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The Top 6 Easy and Affordable Toyota 4Runner Mods


The possibilities to transform your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner are endless. In this post, we’ll talk about our top 6 easy and most affordable Toyota 4Runner Mods.

If you just picked up a new 4Runner or are looking for ways to customize your ride read on before you fall deep down the mods rabbit hole and spend your hard-earned money on things you might not need.

Since you bought one the the best SUV’s ever made, you’re likely going to own it for many years ahead.

These 4Runner accessories are easy and affordable and can transform your ride from stock to custom in minutes.

Affordable Toyota 4Runner Mods

Black out badges: This mod replaces the standard badges with sleek, black versions to give your 4Runner a more aggressive look.

Steering Wheel Dechrome: This process involves replacing the chrome accents on the steering wheel with black or color-matched pieces, further enhancing the vehicle’s interior aesthetics.

Formula One Pinnacle Window Tint: A high-quality window tint that provides superior heat rejection and UV protection, enhancing comfort and privacy.

Black Front Valiance: This black front valance replaces the standard one, adding a bold and rugged look to your 4Runner.

Glove Box Organizer: A convenient and practical mod, the glove box organizer provides additional storage solutions within easy reach, helping to keep your vehicle tidy and your essential items organized.

Black bumpershellz front grill: This overlay grill in black gives your 4Runner a unique, stealthy look while protecting the factory finish.

We hope you found these affordable Toyota 4Runner mods valuable. Let us know what your favorite mods are in the comments below.

Adam Ainsworth