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3 Ways to Thrive In Our Don Valley Community Together!


Dear Don Valley Neighbours,

We hope this message finds you well! At Don Valley Times, our mission is to strengthen the bonds within our community and bring the people of Pleasant View, Henry Farm, Don Valley Village, Bayview Village, and all the great neighbourhoods in the Don Valley area of North York closer together.

Join us in building a more connected community by sharing your unique stories, experiences, and information about living in the Don Valley area of North York. Whether it’s the hidden gems you’ve discovered, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, or your favorite local spots – we want to hear it all!

Please send us your stories and videos showcasing the essence of living in the Don Valley area. Let’s celebrate the richness of our diverse neighborhoods and create connections that strengthen our community.

How can you get involved with Don Valley Times?

Share Your Story: Craft a written piece or record a video sharing your experiences, favorite places, and what you love most about living in Don Valley North York.

Submit Your Content: Send your contributions to us, and we’ll feature them on our website and YouTube channel, providing a platform for everyone to appreciate the beauty of our community. Visit our contact us page to get started.

Connect and Engage: Stay tuned to Don Valley Times by signing up for our email newsletter, be our friend on Facebook, and follow us on YouTube.

By participating, you’re not only showcasing the wonderful tapestry of our community but also helping others feel more connected to the community.

Let’s make Don Valley Times a reflection of our collective spirit – vibrant, diverse, and united. Please drop us a note and let us know what you want to see, what concerns you have, and what solutions should be considered to make living here better.

Looking forward to hearing your stories and building a stronger community together!

Best Regards,

Adam Ainsworth

PS. Thank you for being so supportive!

Adam Ainsworth