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John Tory on Paid Sick Days ‘We Don’t Yet Know How it’s Going to Work’

Adam Ainsworth
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Thursday Mayor John Tory was asked if he thought three paid sick days were enough that the province is proposing. 

John Tory responded on Paid Sick Days:

“Well, we don’t know yet how it’s going to work because to me the things they really had to address were three. 

1. They really had to keep it simple, because you have to make sure that the workers who are affected, who sometimes might find themselves not feeling well, and otherwise inclined to go to work sick, have to be able to make a snap decision that they’re going to be able to have a paycheck to pay for their families food, or some money for that. 

2. The second was the quantity of money, and I think this initiative by the Ontario government really will help because it’s not just the three sick days but also paying a top-up on top of the federal program that’s there. 

3. The third is how quickly can people get the money? It isn’t just the simplicity of applying but how quickly can they get the money? Another good feature of the provincial three days is that will actually be paid by the employer. So that should be fairly easy for the employer to just continue to pay the worker for those three days.”

Adam Ainsworth

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