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Omni Palace Authentic Hand-Pulled Noodle House

Omni Palace Toronto

Omni Palace is an authentic north-eastern hand-pulled noodle house located at 235 Consumers Road in Toronto.

The old saying “long noodles, long life” means you’re going to enjoy a very long life at Omni Palace.

These noodles are hand-pulled right before your very eyes which you can watch through the large glass window that separates the kitchen from the dining area.

Omni Palace hand-pulled

Rolled, pulled, twist, and repeat. The chef performs a technique that looks likes it’s straight out of a kung-fu movie.

The finishing move is to tear off and toss the hand-pulled noodles into a big vat of boiling water. Minutes later the freshly cooked noodles are scooped out of the pot with a meshed ladle and served.

You can choose from a variety of noodle styles but the classic style gives you is going the traditional extra-long length.

Omni Palace long noodles

The noodles are so long you’re given scissors to cut them into a manageable length. With the right combination of chopstick still, you hoist up a strand of noodles and just like cutting hair, you snip them off at a manageable length that you transfer into a smaller bowl.

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The soup broth is a clear satisfying beef base stock.

The marinated beef shank burger is loaded with flavour with a rich tender marinated beef sandwiched between a home-made style flat bun.

Omni Palace Marinated beef shank burger
Omni Palace marinated beef shank burger.

A large bowl of braised beef shank and a marinated beef shank burger is enough for two people to share for a light lunch that costs around $20. That makes for good value for authentic dining.

Omni Palace Reward Card

omni palace reward card

They also have a rewards program where you collect 7 stamps to redeem a free traditional beef noodle regular size.

Adam Ainsworth