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Beautiful Brian Village for Family Friendly Living in Toronto


Brian Village is a residential sub-section of the Pleasant View neighbourhood in Toronto. Connected via Brian Drive, the Brian Village community is named after the street that runs north south from Van Horne to Sheppard Ave. Conveniently located near the DVP and 401 junction makes for easy access to anywhere in the GTA.

Brian Village Housing

Brian Village could be described as Pleasant View South, which contains a mix of housing options. Brian Village has a couple of high-rise condo apartments in the southwest corner, to townhomes like Cotton Downway, Bards Poets Walkway, and Wagon Trailway to luxurious 2 story detached mansions. You’ll also find duplexes, detached back splits, and two or three-story homes throughout different parts of the neighbourhood.

Cotton Downway
Bards Poets Walkway
IMG 3226
Wagon Trailway and Brian Drive

Neighbourhood Amenities

Brian Village Parks

Brian Village is home to five park; Old Sheppard Park, Muirhead Park, Cyldesdale Park, Pleasant View Park, and Van Horne Park. Together these five parks are now part of the Trek Fit Brian Village Fitness Route

Falun Dafa in Old Sheppard Park
Shelley Carroll in Old Sheppard Park

Brian Village Shopping

The Shops at Brian Village is a plaza of retail shops like Brian Village Optical, Brian Village Cleaners, and Vatica Fresh Indian Vegetarian Food, at the north east corner of Sheppard Ave and Brian Drive.

IMG 0251
Adam Ainsworth