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Wagon Trailway Canada’s First Luxury Condo Townhomes

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Wagon Trailway is a well-maintained 80-unit townhouse complex located off of Brian Drive at Sheppard Ave E, in Pleasant View, Toronto.

Wagon Trailway is Canada’s first luxury condo townhome built in 1977 and is registered as YORK CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION # 319. The north section of the complex backs onto Old Sheppard Park.

Let’s explore a few factors why this particular townhouse at Wagon Trailway is of great value in today’s GTA Real Estate Market.

During the pandemic years, demand for detached homes increased, and overall demand for condo apartments decreased, as people needed more space to work and educate from home.

The townhouse segment typically doesn’t appreciate as rapidly as detached properties because of the monthly maintenance fee, leaving townhomes as the best values per square foot.

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For example, let’s compare a townhouse at Wagon Trailway, with the latest sales price of $1,020,000, to a three-story detached across the street on Brian Drive, with the latest sales price of $1,400,000. You get slightly more square footage in the townhouse and don’t have to worry about exterior maintenance, as these are all covered by the monthly condo fee.

While there is an extra monthly maintenance fee of approximately $500 for the condo townhouse, all exterior elements are covered by the condo corporation, which includes the most costly items such as roof, windows, exterior doors including garage door, driveway snow removal, lawn care and leaf cleanup and overall landscaping and tree care.

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