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Outdoor Fitness Gyms in Toronto to Crush Your New Year Goals


Outdoor fitness gyms have become more popular in Toronto in recent years, especially with indoor gyms closed for most of the past two years.

Fortunately for Torontonians, the city started investing in outdoor fitness parks a few years ago thanks in part to Don Valley Calisthenics.

Don’t let pandemic restrictions stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals.

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Gyms

  • No expensive membership fees. All outdoor fitness gyms in Toronto are free to the public
  • Get fresh air, and sunlight to boost vitamin D, while you work out.
  • Meet new people who enjoy calisthenics and share a common bond to the bar life.

Outdoor Fitness Gyms in Toronto

Visit here for a complete list of outdoor fitness parks, with pull up bars, dip bars, and other exercise equipment.

You can also find all of the Trekfit fitness parks in Toronto here.

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Outdoor calisthenics gym at Atria
Muirhead Park Pull-Up Bars
Muirhead Park Pull-Up Bars

So get out there Toronto and get after your New Year goals. Nothing can stop you except yourself.

Adam Ainsworth