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Pleasant View: One of Toronto’s Best Value Neighborhoods in 2024

Pleasant View Toronto neighbourhood map

Looking for the best value in Toronto in 2024? Look no further than Pleasant View. This northeast corner of central Toronto still offers good value in the current Toronto real estate market.

In 2017, MacLean’s Magazine and Money Sense ranked Pleasant View as the top choice for value in Toronto during the market’s peak. This neighbourhood, once considered “out in the country” thirty years ago, now has a mix of older style bungalows and new 7,000 square-foot two-story homes on double lots.

However, with the principle of consistent use, more new luxury homes are expected to replace outdated ones. As luxury neighbourhoods like Briddlepath, York Mills, and Bayview Village expand, they spill over into neighbourhoods like Henry Farm and Pleasant View.

What makes Pleasant View a great place to invest in? Let’s take a closer look:


The location of this neighbourhood is close to the most significant highway junction in North America, where the 401 and DVP meet. It’s close to lots of shopping. Fairview Mall, Bayview Village, Yorkdale, Scarborough Town Centre, and Costco are all within 10mins.

Future Anticipations

Pleasant View is expected to experience further growth in the future, thanks to two significant projects.

Expanding the TTC Sheppard East LRT light rail line from Don Mills station along Sheppard will add tremendous value to the neighbourhood. Pleasant View will be the first new stop from the existing subway line, making it an ideal place to invest now.

The ConsumerNext business park development project will also add value, as it includes the development of additional amenities in Toronto’s most densely populated employment area outside of downtown. Several new master-planned condo communities with ground-level retail have recently popped up, including Tridel’s Trio and the newly announced LSQ.

Pleasant View Home Prices

According to the home price index for Toronto C15, these are the benchmark prices for January 2023.

  • 1 Storey is $1,094,400
  • 1 Storey Attached is 1,028,200
  • 1 Storey Detaced is $1,407,100
  • 2 Storey is $1,204,700
  • 2 Storey Attached is $1,169,300
  • 2 Storey Detaced is $1,805,200
  • Apartment is $539,400
  • Townhouse is $711,900
pleasant view home price index chart
Community Report for Pleasant View chart

Pleasant View Features and Amenities

Pleasant View has a variety of features and amenities to offer, including:

  • Old Sheppard Park: A park with a playground, splash pad, and walking paths.
  • Brian Village Fitness Route: A fitness route with workout stations.
  • The Shoppes at Brian Village: A shopping center with restaurants and stores.
  • Arena, 545 Van Horn Ave: An indoor ice rink and community centre.
  • Library, 575 Van Horne Ave: A Toronto public library.
  • Tennis Club, 35 Kathrose Dr: A tennis club with indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Van Horne Park: A park with a playground and walking paths.
  • Muirhead Park: A park with a playground, baseball diamond, and soccer field.
  • Clydesdale Park: A park with a playground and walking paths.


Pleasant View has several schools, including:

  • Middle School, 175 Brian Dr
  • Brian Public School, 95 Brian Dr
  • St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School
  • St. Gerald Separate School
  • Ernest Public School
  • Muirhead Public School

Investing in Pleasant View is a wise choice, with its potential for growth and affordable home prices. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, Pleasant View has something to offer everyone.

Pleasant View Property Search

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