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What Is The Meaning of CCP Virus?

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The meaning of CCP Virus is short for Chinese Communist Party Virus. We’ll look at where the name comes from and why it’s the most appropriate to describe the virus that originated in Wuhan China.

There’s been much debate about what to call the new coronavirus, which first appeared last December after a six-week covered-up by the Chinese authorities led to a global pandemic.

It was first called the Wuhan coronavirus. But the Chinese regime didn’t like that name since it created a negative connection to China. Under the CCP’s direction the WHO changed the name of the virus to Covid-19 remove anything related to China from the name.

President Trump in his non-political correct style wasn’t shy to continue calling it the China virus, despite receiving a lot of pushback from the legacy media who called him racist and xenophobic for doing so.

Moreover, to distinguish the victims (the Chinese people) from the authoritarian Chinese regime many people began calling it the CCP virus to identify the cause and source of the global pandemic.

When looking at the facts surrounding the cover-up it’s clear the mismanagement of the Chinese Communist Party is to blame. And so the name CCP Virus has stuck.

It’s also relevant to note this is not the first public health disaster to emerge in China in recent years. Organ harvesting has been treated in much the same way as the virus, with massive cover-ups and disinformation campaigns aimed to confuse and discredit sources who report the facts.

What is the CCP?

The Chinese Communist Party seized power in 1949 by way of killing and deception. It has ruled with an iron fist and had a corrupting influence over the world’s most populous nation ever since.

For a comprehensive analysis of the shocking history of the CCP read the book 9 Commentaries on the Communist Party.

The biggest threat to humanity is communism. This regime is responsible for the deaths of countless lives and the bloodiest in human history. And the ideology has now infiltrated nearly every aspect of society. The real virus humanity if facing is communism.

Why the name CCP Virus matters?

CCP VIRUS on magazine cover with photo of face mask

Words have significant meaning, so it’s important to choose an accurate name to describe the virus that shut down the world.

Covid-19, as it’s often referred to, was the name designated by the China-centric WHO to deflect blame away from the Chinese authorities who mismanaged the initial outbreak. The WHO renamed the virus from Wuhan coronavirus to Covid-19 to appease Chinese authorities.

The question of origin is still under investigation. No third parties have been allowed to assist in the investigation. This makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what happened.

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