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A Patient’s Amazing Near-Death Recovery From Covid-19


Kevin Harris, a healthy 55-year-old from Ohio shared his experience of a near-death recovery from Covid-19.

He offers some practical tips such as getting up off the bed when all you want to do is lie there, and making sure you breathe on your own.

One of his statements during the interview recalls a surprising statement made by his doctor.

Kevin described the moment when his doctors found out he tested positive from the coronavirus.

“When your doctor says to you there’s nothing we can do and you need to pray and beg God for mercy.”

“And it came down to one of those moments of truth where they can either lie to you or tell you the truth because one day they got to see God too! And that’s what it came down to.”

It might seem strange to some people that an experienced medical doctor would make this suggestion to a patient. But, if you go back in history the method of self-reflection and seeking forgiveness have a long and profound tradition.

Kevin’s story is inspiring and worth sharing. If you know anyone in a similar situation they might benefit from the advice Kevin’s doctor gave him.

Others suffering from Covid-19 who made a full recovery have shared similar experiences.

Best wishes to Kevin for a full recovery from Covid-19.

Adam Ainsworth