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OREA Exams Canceled Over Safety Concerns from COVID-19

Adam Ainsworth
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OREA exams and all in-person classes have been canceled over safety concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with no clear dates when in-class exams will resume.

“As soon as it is safe to do so, the college will resume in-person examinations to the fullest extent possible.”

orea exam cancelation announcement

The $50 exam rescheduling fee is waived and will be replaced with a $1 processing fee instead.

The college is working on implementing live-proctored online exams but specific details are not yet available.

The OREA Real Estate College is scheduled to close at the end of the year but is exploring an extension of the closing date to help mitigate the delays caused by the pandemic shutdowns.

For the latest announcements from OREA on resuming exams visit here.

If your exam was canceled look at the bright side, you now have more time to study for your real estate education.

Adam Ainsworth

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