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Burgers Park: The Gourmet Burger Delight in the Business Park


One bite and you know you’ve entered the realm of a quality gourmet burger establishment.

Whether you are one of the 20,000 people working in the Consumers Road business park or someone in the area shopping for a new car you’ll find Burgers Park serving a classic menu of burgers, shakes, and fries, centered on quality. 

The single location restaurant at 10 William Sylvester Drive is across from the new Porsche and Audi dealerships.

The Park Burger

The prized item on the menu is a fully loaded Park Burger. The pasture-raised Angus beef patty glows with a crispy brown crust that is “mustard seared and smashed to maximize flavor”. The local beef is anti-biotic-free with no added hormones and ground on-site and served on a fresh toasted sesame brioche bun. 

The sesame seed bun on the Park Burger has a nice dark toast. A small warning label on the wrapper reads “To minimize mess, eat with the attached wrapper.” 

burgers park park burger
The fully loaded Park Burger.

First Impressions

“Whoa, this place looks like Shake Shack!” was the first thing out of my mouth after walking into Burgers Park.

For those not familiar, Shake Shack is the king of the affordable gourmet burger in New York City, using the best fresh ingredients.

Burgers Park is similar to Shake Shack with fresh never frozen quality beef. The Park Burger is a bit messier than a Shack Burger and have a signature mustard fried flavour.

burgers park menu
The Menu at Burgers Park

Unlimited Fountain Refills

burgers park soda fountain

If you limit your sugar intake you’ll be glad to know the beverage fountain at Burgers Park has filtered water and soda water.  The water is free you just need to pay .25 cents for a cup. 

Friendly to Mother Nature

burgers park environmentally friendly sign

The atmosphere is bright and clean, and not noisy. The service was great. And they care about the environment with all their dining disposables being earth friendly.

You’ll find plenty of free parking on the first floor of the parking garage.

Check their website for latest hours of operation.

Adam Ainsworth