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Local Stories Builds a Strong Community

Adam Ainsworth
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A strong community doesn’t happen without a source for local news and information. Without it people feel disconnected and unengaged from the world around them.

A news desert like a real desert is not the most livable environment. Much like living in a desert access to the basic essentials of life are scarce. In a news desert stories about the local community are non-existent – and people need stories to thrive.

One of the trends affecting journalism right now is the rapid decline in local coverage. With fewer resources, the traditional news organization can no longer afford to cover local news like the once did. And since we are social creatures this impacts our quality of life.

A perfect example of a news desert is the Consumers Road Business Park. Despite it being the most densely populated employment area outside of the downtown core – little information is available about life in this part of the city. 

Strong relationships create health and happiness

A famous study by the University of Harvard, which has continued for the last 75 years, looks to understand what keeps people healthy and happy. They found having strong relationships with other people is the most important factor.

It’s not money or fame that fulfills people. It’s the meaningful connections and relationships with other people that matter most in creating a happy and healthy life.

If having strong relationships is so important we can see how local news plays a role in creating connected and engaged communities.

A source of inspiration  and community building

A good example of community that exists in the Consumers Road Business Park is the Embridge Toastmasters Club – who meet every Monday between 12:00 – 1:00 pm. Besides being a great place to practice public speaking, there’s a strong sense of community among the members.

Why do people practice public speaking? Isn’t it for a greater purpose, to clarify our “why” and have a greater impact on people and influence our communities? Isn’t it to create better connections with people?

With the current decline in local journalism, a local Toastmaster club can become a source of inspiration and community building.  Members can enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals hearing their stories. 

Strengthen our community with local stories

A talk presented a local Toastmaster meeting can inspire and uplift. And now with the ease of digital publishing, these inspiring talks can become written articles and shared online.  

A great opportunity exists for citizens to step up and fill the void of local news poverty.  And Toastmasters can become a source of local community building.

In the Consumer Road Business Park 20,000 people come to work here . How many of them feel disconnected from the community? 

The need for a local community website is why we started Don Valley Times.

We welcome and invite people to share stories with us. Together we can create a more engaged and connected community by providing a trusted source for local news and information. A place where inspiring and relevant local stories can live online 24/7 and be discovered by the community.

Adam Ainsworth

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