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The Ultimate Guide to Stress Free Decluttering & Home Staging 2024

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Whether you’re moving or just tackling a spring clean-up or total home makeover, decluttering and home staging are important to get your home looking its best.

Use this efficient decluttering strategy to get your home looking its best and maximally organize your precious belongings for your new home.

Start with Decluttering

Before you stage your home you should start with decluttering. A thorough decluttering plan will take several days to complete. That’s why it’s important to have a systematic plan and checklist to keep you on track.

Start each day’s session by asking yourself “What’s the ONE thing I can do right now to prepare my home for sale to make it look its’ best such that by doing it everything else about moving will be easier?

Download the Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Decluttering and Home Staging to access the full checklist to prioritize and track your productivity. The purpose is to discard everything you no longer need or enjoy. You’ll enjoy less stress when your house is as tidy as it can be.

With each item, you touch hold it in your hands, and ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” If not, thank it for its service and let it go by kindly placing it into a pile to give away. Donate the things you no longer use, need or want to places like The Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity.

Pack up only what you love and want to keep. Moving is such a good opportunity to start fresh, and let go of things that you no longer need but which may be very useful to someone else.


Home Staging Made Easy

Set the Stage. It’s Show Time!

The show is about to begin. By now you’ve decluttered and have removed all personal items. It’s time to make your home shine, and show off the space and all the potential it has to offer. Need professional help? Let us arrange a free staging consultation. 

  • Deep clean, especially windows, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Front Entrance: Remove any dead flowers/leaves from the flower garden. Consider painting the door frame gloss black.
  • Main Entraneceway: Consider changing the light to a chandelier.
  • Living Room: Clear everything from above the fireplace. 
  • Back Deck: Consider virtual staging if empty (see photo)
  • Add white LED lights around the banister of the deck, and add a swing.
  • Organize Kitchen cabinets – display only fancy wine glasses, remove anything plastic or that has color.
  • Office Space: No loose papers (declutter)
  • Bedrooms: Remove any external coat hangers or clothes racks
  • Clean smudge marks on the walls and near light switches.
  • Fix all lights not working. Use standard light bulbs throughout. If you are going to buy new bulbs, get 3000k temperature (soft warm).

How to Prepare Your Home for the Market?

  • Get Pre-Approved to purchase your next home before it goes on the market.
  • Paperwork & Measurements. Corresponding paperwork needs to be filled out, measurements will be taken of rooms. A list of upgrades and the year they were completed is always helpful.
  • Arrange for any necessary and recommended repairs or renovations on your home.
  • Declutter Try to throw out things you don’t need and box up things that you won’t use prior to moving.
  • Deep clean your home and make sure it’s sparkling when visitors arrive.
  • Home Staging to make your home look amazing by following professional staging advice to arrange things in a way that shows the home in the best possible way.
  • Professional Photography and Virtual Tour We will schedule a professional photographer to come and take photos and create a virtual tour of your home.
  • Be mindful of cooking odours once the house is ready for viewings. Tuck away valuables in a safe spot.
  • Prepare an extra key for the lockbox.
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